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Hey hey, I’m Michelle jane, I help you to feel your feels, and thrive from survival. I give you the tools to start your healing and say Goodbye to depression and anxiety.

Are you ready to feel fabulous, gain purpose and feel empowered?

“Feeling my feels & regulating my nervous system healed me

Michelle jane

Ok, I’m all about integrity, honesty and helping others. So after living most of my life with depression, cPTSD and anxiety attacks which led to dis-ease in my body, I genuinely care and love helping my clients to heal from their trauma.

I am a survivor of what happened to me and I choose to live a life filled with purpose, joy and love and so can YOU.

My system is based on how I healed myself from depression, cPTSD and through a trauma-informed perspective, YOU can be free from limiting beliefs.

About Michelle Jane Coaching

Michelle Jane Coaching embraces trauma informed healing.  Michelle chooses to fill her her life with joy and purpose, not as a victim to what happened to her but as a survivor of years of supressed trauma. When her eldest son was 5 weeks old, her younger sister died unexpectedly from SUDEP, this awoke repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse. Years of having been forced into silence by her abuser, Michelle wanted to tell those closest to her but was made to feel, yet again, that it shouldn’t be talked about. The layers of debilitating grief, having to be strong for her parents, her brother and her baby, led to years of depression and a later diagnosis of PTSD. Years of anti depressants and talk therapy, helped numb the pain but were a crutch but the trauma still stayed in her body, leading to years of living in a functional freeze state. Her autonomic nervous system was constantly on high alert.

Michelle has a MSC in Business Management and left behind a corporate career before becoming a Mum to her two amazing sons. In 2005, she jointly founded a family Property Business, but in 2020, the start of the covid-19 pandemic and going through the start of a divorce, life encouraged Michelle to follow her passion and she retrained as a Coach and therapist to help women become empowered and find their voice, feel their feels, post abuse, grief and trauma.

Michelle is a certified Trauma informed Coach and uses many modalities to help her clients in their healing, including hypnotherapy and brainspotting.  She uses a holistic approach and works with online or in person (usually found coaching by the sea, on woodland walks or on the farm. Michelle works with clients who have felt depressed, have anxiety, lost confidence, feel fearful of the future, feel stuck in their current life.

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