Divorce Mentoring

In-Person, Online


I have been through a painful divorce myself, and so have created revolutionary new ways to cope with break-ups and divorce.

I combine my coaching skills with my own personal experiences to create a unique programme to help anyone battling a break-up. I am a certified, accredited Narcissism trauma informed Coach, who helps clients thrive after a traumatic breakup and divorce.

Divorce is hard.

Your solicitor is not there to be your therapist and their time is escalating and adding to your invoice.

I can offer weekly sessions during your divorce for you to offload and heal through a trauma informed approach. I am there for you ‘holding your hand’ throughout the process.

This incorporates trauma informed coaching. Modalities include hypnotherapy, brainspotting, inner-child work, informed parts work, meditation, breathwork, vagal tone, polyvagaltheory.

I work with many clients globally on line and I am also based in several locations in East Sussex for one to one therapy sessions.To complement individual needs I also offer walk and talk therapy.

Divorce Mentoring

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