Building Emotional Resilience

I am a graduate of The Post Traumatic Growth Academy. Trauma Unlocking is the trademark of leading Trauma Informed Coach and therapist Caroline Strawson.

It is a unique integration of therapy and coaching to give you the life you deserve. To go back to living your life as your true self. To not live permanently in fight, flight or freeze, trying to protect yourself from what your brain PERCEIVES to be the biggest danger.

Trauma Unlocking gets to the root cause of your trauma rather than just focusing purely on managing symptoms.

Trauma is a brain, body and mind experience and in trauma unlocking, it accesses all aspects to allow for transformative healing art a deep nervous system level.

Through the process, we go back to your past to understand what is causing the dysregulation in the first place and this is usually from childhood experiences that have not been processed and timestamped effectively by the hippocampus, your memory centre. So it keeps the amygdala, your fear centre, in a state of arousal, sending constant messages to your autonomic nervous system to go into fight, flight or freeze.

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